I Made the Switch!

Hey everyone. I’m sure all of you have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity over here on the blog. That’s because I made the switch! I am now officially on blogspot. It was a difficult decision as I’ve been growing my audience here and really developing my fashion interests and my graphic design tastes and my voice in general. I really do feel like I’m onto something here. I plan on developing Born in the Know as a brand and hope that everyone who has been along for the ride thus far follows me in my transition to blogspot.

Here are a few glimpses of www.bornintheknow.comblogspot screenshot

blogspot screenshot2

blogspot screenshot3

The site has plenty of kinks in it that needs some working out since I’m in full control of the html code, so it really is a work in progress. But I can’t wait to continue making content that expresses who I am and my interests and share it with you guys.

Thanks for all of the support!



Street Smarts: Silk Mini Dress

Street Smarts: Silk Mini Dress

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To Switch, or not to Switch…

Hey guys. So I’ve been thinking for a while now about what platform I want to use for my blog. Going into this, I had no help and got tired of going through YouTube videos telling me all of the same things about hosts, and coding, and blah blah blah. After a while I noticed the trend of having WordPress and Blogspot as my options, and I went with WordPress because I was impressed with the community and the quality of the websites I previewed.

What I didn’t know was that there is a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. With WordPress.com you don’t get to edit code or have all of the plugins. I was fine with that when I started out because I figured there was just a fee for around $100 and I could finally own it and use Google Analytics. So I just paid for the name. But apparently it doesn’t work like that. Apparently you can have a WordPress blog under a host and then use Google Analytics. So I’ve been looking into Bluehost.

But honestly, it all feels a little too overwhelming. So I’ve been looking into Blogspot blogs to see the quality of some of them and whether it was worth the switch. Apparently, Blogspot is connected to Google Analytics, which I wanted in the first place!

So I’m still trying to figure everything out, as you can see. But in the process I’m coming across blogs that are pretty interesting, so that’s always fun. If you have any advice, please help!

7 Shoe Hacks from Buzzfeed

The newspaper trick also works for when you get your shoes wet. You can just put newspaper in them and it sucks up all the moisture. I’m always shocked how well that works every time!

Blogger Style: Tropical Playsuit

Blogger Style: Tropical Playsuit

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Blogger Style: Sunburnt Orange Jumpsuit

Blogger Style: Sunburnt Orange Jumpsuit

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Tumblr: Italian Street Style

Tumblr Search: Italian Street Style

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Steal Her Style: Beyonce in Italy

Steal Her Style: Beyonce in Italy

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Happy Memorial Day!

happy memorial dayHappy Memorial Day, everyone! I think before we all go about our day to celebrate, we should all just take a moment to remember all of the brave people that we are celebrating and acknowledge their bravery for being willing to sacrifice for our country. We are all so thankful to them.

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